Dr. Norman B. Gaylis

Scott Bridgeman has led an active lifestyle in the Miami area for the past six years. As Vocal Director for Royal Caribbean, he has supervised large cast rehearsals and choreography for review shows aboard cruise ships. The 45 year old regularly walked 4-5 miles per day until he began experiencing pain in his knees, which eventually spread to his ankles and feet. By the time he was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) thirteen months ago, he was walking with two canes and no longer able to work.

Scott’s primary physician began a course of Methotrexate, a medication commonly prescribed to reduce the pain and inflammation associated with RA. After failing to see improvement after three months, Scott was referred to Dr. Norman Gaylis, a Board Certified Rheumatologist in Aventura, Florida. Though temporarily sidelined with the effects of RA, Scott is one of the lucky ones, receiving an early referral to a rheumatologist who incorporates objective imaging in the management of this debilitating disease.

Dr. Gaylis began treating Scott with Remicade, a relatively new medication for RA given intravenously in the physician’s office, and ordered a MRI exam of his extremities. Scott recalls, “I had a previous MRI that was long, loud, and scary, so I wasn’t too excited until I saw the size of the MagneVu system. My exam was done right there in Dr. Gaylis’ office with a small MRI unit, and it was very comfortable and convenient. I met with Dr. Gaylis one week later to review the MagneVu images, and I saw for myself the bone erosions found by the radiologist. I am impressed that the physician treating me has this objective data, and I am confident about our course of treatment”. According to Dr. Gaylis, a repeat MRI will be done after six months to evaluate Scott’s response to treatment.

Scott Bridgeman has been on Remicade for seven months now, and says the difference is “like night and day”. He no longer walks with a cane, and has returned to work supervising Country, Jazz and Pop review shows for throngs of cruise vacationers. And the band plays on.