In order to expedite the care of our patients, it is our goal to make the referral, authorization and payment processes as simple as possible for the referring physician. One call or faxed prescription to our location will start the process for verifying insurance coverage, coordinating benefits, scheduling the patient’s initial visit, and follow-up infusions. Our staff will explore all of the types of financial support which the patient may be eligible for including interaction with foundations and co-pay assistance plans which will reduce the financial and administrative burden on the patient and physician.

As part of our overall service, all patient infusion visits will be recorded, stored electronically, and transmitted to the referring and treatment physicians after each visit. In the event the patient experiences an adverse event during the infusion, the event will be managed immediately and then subsequently discussed with the referring physician. Any changes in medication dosages or changes to infusion instructions will only be implemented under the direction of the referring physician. An intake nurse is available at all times to interact with the referring physician in order to make these decisions. As part of our effort to maintain a cost-effective and appropriate environment for the insurance companies, we will consistently and constantly allow IIC to be evaluated by these companies with the hope of obtaining a favorable reimbursement rate that would essentially reduce the cost, in particular out-of-pocket expenses for the patients who require long term infusion therapy.