Bari Auerbach

Excerpts from an interview by Bari Auerbach, published in the Aventura News

Q: Have you helped an Aventura News reporter with a “hip diagnosis”?

NG: During our interview, I suggested you experience a bone density test in order to share what the “quick and painless” process is like with readers. Surprisingly, your test results showed a 50 percent loss of bone density in your hips, which is unusual for a young, healthy woman. Subsequently, we began investigating possible causes and treatment options that can dramatically improve bone densities. Your unexpected case highlights the importance of detecting osteoporosis early on as well as proactive prevention.

Q: Is your office “state-of-the-art”?

NG: I oversee clinical research trials for new arthritis therapies; our office has a state certified laboratory, x-ray capabilities; and the first in-office Rheumatology specific MRI, specifically to image joints in the hands and feet of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. We also provide rehab therapy for musculoskeletal disorders and Aventura’s first comprehensive holistic musculoskeletal anti-aging program.

Q: Why do patients trust you implicitly?

NG: I’m board certified in internal medicine and rheumatology; a clinical professor in the Division of Rheumatology at the University of Miami; past president of the Florida Society of RHeumatology; and past president of the Lupus Foundation. In addition to teaching extensively locally and nationwide, I hosted HealthTalk on WINJ for many years and for almost two decades, I operated the only in-patient arthritis rehabilitation program in the United States. I am also a “nice guy!”

Q: How did downsizing turn into expanding?

NG: I initially moved to the Mount Sinai Aventura location with the intent to slow down, but the reverse actually happened and now we have a 6,000 square foot office. In addition to a very high volume of referrals, our growth can he attributed to the fact that rheumatology has evolved into a whole new specialty following the advent of biological immune modifiers producing significant advancements in the treatment of arthritis with the reversal of disease symptoms.

Q: Do you take a “multi-disciplinary” holistic approach?

ND: I believe in taking an integrative approach utilizing “the best of conventional medicine and the best of alternative medicine.” I’m also currently working with Dr. Barry Sears, author of The Zone Met to study the affects of omega-3 fatty acids on the immune system, rheumatoid arthritis and obesity.

Q: Does intervention promote prevention?

NG: Today, “disease” is an academic word that is preventable. If we look at early diagnosis and treatment for people with risk factors and put them oil appropriate nutrition and supplement plans, we can help prevent the onset of disease. In your case, thanks to the bone density test and review of your personal history, we’ve designed a program that can basically reverse the bone loss and prevent you from losing more bone so osteoporosis won’t adversely affect your life in the future.

Q: Do you see patients of all ages?

NG: The thing about rheumatoid arthritis is that it actually affects people in their mid-child bearing ages, while most of our older patients suffer more from degenerative osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. A case that stands out in my mind involved a woman with lupus, who was eight months pregnant when we recognized her unborn fetus had a heart block. We were able to implant a pace maker inutero. Now, three pacemakers later, the child is about to go to college.

Q: What is your ongoing mission?

NG. To improve people’s qualify of life and make them aware they don’t have to live with their pain, discomfort or fatigue.