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Selected Calcium Rich Foods


Selected Calcium-Rich Foods Calcium: Important at Every Age Food Item Serving Size Calcium Content (mg) Calories Milk   Whole 8 oz. 291 150   Skim 8 oz. 302 85           Yogurt (with added milk solids)   Plain, low-fat 8 oz. 415 145   Fruit, low-fat 8 oz. 343 230     [...]

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Young Women Take Care of your Bones


You're leading a busy, active life, putting as much as you can into every day. But you need to take time out for your own health, especially to take care of your bones. Typically, when most people think about health, they don't think about their bones. But did you ever stop to think that having [...]

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For Preteens, you are the perfect age


Ellen loves visiting her great-grandmother. Gram, as Ellen calls her, lives in a small white house with roses outside and geraniums lining the steps leading to her front door. Whenever Ellen visits, it seems as if there is always the smell of fresh-baked cookies or bread, or at least hot chocolate. But today's visit isn't [...]

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For Teens: Looking Good Inside Out


If you're like most teens, there's a lot going on in your life - school, dates, parties, thinking about careers. You're probably working hard to look and feel your best. One way to look and feel good is to have strong, healthy bones. Think of it this way: Your bones are where good looks begin! [...]

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Diet Recommendations for Gout Patients


Weight Reduction Overweight is often associated with gout and may be a contributing factor in the onset of the disease. In such cases, weight reduction is recommended. The reduction in weight should be gradual; fasting or drastic dieting will increase serum uric acid levels. Fat Fat may prevent the excretion of uric acid from the [...]

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