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Drugs and Therapy


Dr. Norman B. Gaylis As I prepare myself to write this month's column, I am surrounded by press releases relating to new drugs for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. There is no question that these drugs have stepped the therapy for arthritis and osteoporosis to another level. We are now in a position where we [...]

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Conquering Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases


Bari Auerbach Excerpts from an interview by Bari Auerbach, published in the Aventura News Q: Have you helped an Aventura News reporter with a "hip diagnosis"? NG: During our interview, I suggested you experience a bone density test in order to share what the "quick and painless" process is like with readers. Surprisingly, your test [...]

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Initial Evaluation of the Arthritic Patient


Dr. Norman B. Gaylis Piecing Together the Diagnostic Clues Preview Arthritis, one of the earliest known diseases, remains a leading cause of chronic pain and disability. Because of the many forms and causes of rheumatic disease, pinpointing a diagnosis is often difficult. In this article, Dr Gaylis presents an approach to the arthritic patient that [...]

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Understanding Arthritis


Dr. Norman B. Gaylis Over 43 million people throughout the United States of America alone suffer from one form of arthritis or another. I say one form of arthritis or another because, in fact, there are over one-hundred different kinds of arthritis and the word "arthritis" itself simply means or reflects pain or swelling of [...]

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Arthritis and Osteoporosis Fact Sheet


Dr. Norman B. Gaylis What is the impact of arthritis? The economic impact of arthritis, rheumatic and muscloskeletal illness is close to 17% of the Gross National Product each year. Arthritis afflicts nearly 40 million Americans, resulting in 427 million days of restricted activity; 156 million days in bed; 45 million days lost from work. [...]

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The Arthritis Diet


Dr. Norman B. Gaylis Dr. Norman B. Gaylis, following a holisitc approach, recommends all arthritis patients to review their diet and makes the following recommendations: Do Eat All seafood All vegetables, including avocados Vegetable oils, particularly safflower and corn Margarine free of milk solids, such as Mazola Egg whites Honey Nuts, sunflower seeds, soybean products [...]

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